Youtube the fastest 5 times on Chrome browser compared to browsers other


Changed the interface of YouTube several times during the recent period, whether it be on a desktop version or via mobile applications, it seems that re-design has brought some problems to the internet browsers.

Chris Peterson Technical Director at Mozilla Corporation said via a series of tweets on Twitter that the performance of YouTube on the Mozilla Firefox browser and Microsoft’s edge slow down by about 5 times compared to what it is in the Chrome browser from Google.

Back Peterson the problem that the YouTube pages are used to the interface of Shadow DOM v0 software which is available only in the Chrome browser, which Internet browser the Google to provide better performance.

While Google can bring the old version of YouTube to user Firefox in easily, however the giant company look happy to the current situation.

Anyway, users who suffer from slow to browse the YouTube download add-ons for Chrome in the desktop fetches the new update and the problem temporarily.

Do you use another browser and clear your this problem? We shared your experience in the comments.

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