Youtube unveils new plans to fight the false news on its platform

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At the time of the criticism of social media platforms like Facebook and twitter because of the reputation of news of counterfeit spread, we found recently that YouTube is also the home of the news fake and erroneous information, where the news have become false and abusive clear in the section videos trending on YouTube, which in turn promotes more viewing.

However, it seems that youtube has a plan to deal with Service like this in the future. During her talk at the conference SXSW 2018, and clarified the CEO of YouTube, Ms. Susan Wojcicki that youtube will use the ” info tip ” as a means to combat misinformation. This information will appear the hint in text box linked to external web sites such as Wikipedia where users can read more about certain topics.

This includes some of the efforts of Facebook, where users provide links to Web sites that either exposes false news or make information more realistic. However, explained Ms. Susan Wojcicki that YouTube is not a news organization, they simply want to provide correct information to its users.

According to one of the speakers in the name of YouTube, has confirmed the company’s plans by saying : ” We are always exploring new ways to combat misleading information on YouTube. At SXSW 2018, we announced plans to show the information hint an additional, including a text box associated outsourcing about the events of the widely accepted, such as landing on the moon. Will put these features in the coming months, but after that we do not have any additional information to share at the moment. “


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