Youtube use with the Encyclopedia Wikipedia in videos

يوتيوب تستعين بموسوعة ويكيبديا في مقاطع الفيديو
Youtube use with the Encyclopedia Wikipedia in videos

Youtube use with the Encyclopedia Wikipedia in videos

The Chair said that the Executive purchase that on Tuesday, the YouTube will start displaying the texts of Wikipedia articles and other sites along with some video files in two weeks with a quest to the affiliate website to the Google search engine owned have to fight the deception and conspiracy theories on the site.

View Susan and Jessica, which was moving from on the stage at a conference in Austin, TX, stereo is a new service that allows information signals.

Intends to YouTube to provide an alternative view to amendments to the photographer to pose in the Science or describe the plots about such events as the American landings on the moon. She told Jessica that the information signals will launch the first theme is about the a large number of video files on YouTube.

She added, ”will continue to be able to people watch the videos, but they will have in fact the possibility to obtain additional information“.

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YouTube is trying to fake stories.

Legislators and advocacy groups for the media demanded YouTube to help stop the spread of the service news stories of counterfeit. The company said last year to modify the systems the algorithm has to encourage what it calls the sources credible.

Despite the fact that music and video games are much more popular on YouTube, has made the company’s response to the criticism about the county your comic news and the world on top of its priorities this year.

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