YouTube want to reduce ” duplicate content ” to determine the value of product content

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We are sure that many of you have had different content on Youtube is a compilation of videos and other content taken from other sources. Some of these videos get hundreds of thousands of views, and some are monetized, which seems a little unfair for some content creators who create their own content.

Realize Youtube it in one of their consultations on their products official, the company announced that it would take tough action against what it calls ” duplicate content ” from its partners. Want to Youtube are mainly in the practices of some creators who collect videos together without adding a lot of their own content.

Refer Youtube to this does not mean that it can’t content creators create videos like this, but would prefer if you try to originators make more effort to make those videos more creative, like adding more comments to their own, or the narrative, and adjustments high-quality, etc.

According to Youtube, it has stated by saying : ” it is important to note that the ‘ duplicate content ‘ is not just about copyright. Lies the spirit of the rule of YPP this in to make sure we don’t allow channels access to the program only when it adds value content, and when to be original and convenient. If you upload content from multiple sources or you re-use your existing content in a different way, you may still be eligible for the YPP as long as you help raise the value of that content somehow “.



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