YouTube warning of a reduction in the numbers of participants in each channel

يوتيوب تحذر من تخفيض في اعداد المشتركين في كل القنواتYouTube to warn of the reduction in the numbers of participants in each channel

YouTube warning of a reduction in the numbers of participants in each channel

Warned the video platform first in the world YouTube, warned content creators that they may see the numbers of the participants to their retreat this week as a result of the process of cleansing will remove closed accounts from product metrics.

According to the site can indicate the accounts are closed to accounts that are closed, users willingly or those that shut down the network due to policy violations – such as junk mail or misuse .

She explained the letter that was posted on Twitter that the process of cleansing like this are a routine part of the efforts of YouTube continued to ensure the survival of the site free from spam and abuse.

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But although the removals may lead to lower numbers of participants in the constructor, but the site says it should not have an impact on time to watch the channel.

Will originators are affected by the process of development changes that appear on the accounts of the participants in the YouTube Analytics of their own in the period from 3 December to 4 December.

To view the exact numbers of accounts closed that were removed from one of the channels, the content creators you click “See more” in the list of YouTube Analytics, then select “closed accounts” from the “source procurement”.

According to the draft of social media from the creators, it seems that the effects of development vary significantly by Channel, as reported to the mission only for the loss of a few participants, while others say they have lost thousands.

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