YouTube will allow you to control more of the contents of the home page

You YouTube a lot of improvements for the download of inappropriate content that are recommended by the algorithms to the users, resulting in the platform update their policies relating to videos that promote understanding and discrimination, and the Prohibition of the videos is not harmful or hazardous, and disable comments on some videos.

Now the company is owned by Google implemented some changes to the application Android and iOS which will allow users more control of the content on the main page, in the list of videos ‘Up Next’, so will YouTube remove the suggestions of the channels in the section Up Next, and choose not to recommend videos from a specific channel in the future.

In addition, YouTube will be more more transparent about why Drew your attention to some videos and channels, where additional information will be provided down the suggested videos that clarify that the recommendation has been submitted to build on what he has shown viewers other people who have similar interests.

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