YouTube will bring in turn filters augmented reality to the feature story own


In the past year, announced the YouTube they will be bringing feature stories to the service. Already, he has YouTube launched this feature, it works similarly to the features of the story in both Snapchat and Instagram and Facebook, so it is not surprising to find YouTube say now upgraded this feature on its platform to add new filters users can take advantage of them.

However, according to YouTube, this won’t be the filters just filters normal because they will benefit physically from augmented reality, or from a platform ARCore specifically, to assist in the application of the filters better. Boast YouTube also using machine learning technology to help in the application of these filters, which means that even devices that do not contain a sensor of depth, such as smart phones, low, still can benefit from them.

According to YouTube, it has stated by saying : ” to make all this possible, we use machine learning to extract the geometry of the surface dimensions of the tripartite to develop the visual effects, which require the use of only one camera without having to sensor depth. This approach provides an Use of the effects of augmented reality quickly in real time, using TensorFlow Lite the processor to the central or to see graphics where available “.

However, it should be noted that the story on YouTube available for content-only at the moment. This means that this feature is available only to those who own the channel which has more than 10,000 subscribers, at least at the moment.


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