YouTube will change the feature of direct messages in the next month

YouTube is on his way to close the feature of direct messages in the next month as the announcement of this step was through Google on Tuesday by an employee at Google on site technical support however they did not explain any reason for that step!

Reported Google that it has deleted this feature only to focus on the priorities of the YouTube, also have started Google to notify users when you open their window messages through the message that the water will close them and delete them on 18 September.

Although there are millions of users who have sites of their loss of this water there is on the other side millions of others haven’t used this feature before.

The feature of instant messaging that has been launched in 2017 and if we look the look of these on it, we’ll find that there’s never a need of such a step, even if the number of users of the water a little so there’s no need to delete its private it does not cost Google anything.

Source: Beebom

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