YouTube will make its content the original free for all users as of the year 2019


The platform has been Youtube, always allow for the possibility to watch the videos for free while relying on ads as a source of income. However, in recent years, I started YouTube experience use a system of subscription by keeping the content original and make it available only to participants in their plans, just as is the case in many of the services like Netflix and Hulu and Amazon.

However, it seems that this step has not received it wow that was YouTube hoping for because according to a new report recently released from the location of Veriety, it seems that YouTube is not confirmed that as of 2019, it will be all original content of its own available to all users and will be available to watch for free. According to one company representative, he stated by saying : ” While we look forward to the year 2019, we will continue to invest in original content and make the content of the YouTube of the original supported by ads to meet the growing demand from the fan base on a global level “.

He added : ” Will the next phase of the strategy, original content of our own to expand the fan base the original content company on YouTube, and the advertisers and the content of the amazing up to the YouTube generation “. And this step is a surprise, earlier this month, the frequency that YouTube started to offer full movies on its platform for free up to advertising as a source of income, so it seems to make the content original free is the next logical step.

So, if there is original content from YouTube you want to watch with bated breath, but can not pay the subscription fee in the paid plan, you’ll be able to in the next year to watch that content for free.



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