YouTube will remove the video about the flat Earth and the reptilians from the list of recommendations

Recommendation system based on machine learning are in almost every service. It helps people to read the articles, listen to music and watch the videos they are most interesting. Google is not the first year makes changes to the algorithm recommendations and YouTube is not going to stop. The developers already reduced the number of recommendations from kliknete headers, and now intend to clean the tape from the video on conspiracy topics.

Плоская Земля

In 2019, YouTube users will be less likely to stumble in the video about the theories of a flat Earth, healing any disease miracle drugs and “revelations” of high-profile catastrophes like the September 11 attacks. It is noteworthy that these videos are only 1% of the entire content of the service, but the developers are confident that users will still feel the difference in the quality of recommendations.

Hide video from the list of recommendations does not mean the removal of the video from the search results. The company supports freedom of speech and does not delete corresponding to the service rules videos — fans of conspiracy theories will be able to find videos in the search or see recommendations of the respective channels.

Updated recommendation system will be deployed gradually, and it will only get a limited number of users in the United States. As soon as the system shows its efficiency, the upgrade will affect more and more countries.

Google is very interested in the fact that YouTube satisfies all the queries of users and was available in all countries. For developing regions with slow Internet connection the company even released a special YouTube client Go, which lets you save video to the device memory.

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