Yukuma.. the fastest means in the world to charge your phone and smart devices

In a time when you need most of the devices power banks Power Bank available in the market to 10 hours at least to fully charge the electrolyte (accuracy of the power B you best-selling on Amazon Amazon needs to 6 hours!), the Don’t need power that you “Yoko” Yukuma to more than 30 minutes to drink fully from 0 to 100%!

That’s not the point the only force in power that you “Yoko” Yukuma, made with quality German, It contains two USB to charge two devices at the same time, which is with its battery large 10,000 mAh battery can charge smartphones, cameras, digital, computers, tablet (tablet) and mobile (laptop) devices GPS devices portable gaming Bluetooth headsets, MP3 players, etc.

And the power that you “Yoko” Yukuma no more than 6.3 inches, and its weight is 450 grams approximately, which is so easy to carry in a bag and not a constraint during the experiment or having to protect it during travel.

And power that you “Yoko” Yukuma to identify the devices connected to it, thus providing conditions most suitable to charge the battery without damaging it, whether those devices support fast charging or not, it is available in 4 colors to satisfy most tastes, which are golden, gray, black and golden pink.

Freedom to innovative “Yuki” Yukuma to provide more security agents to protect him and protect the devices that connect to them as well as the protection of consumers, as protection against the “lock” of electricity, and protection against overcharging of the battery, protect against increased voltage electricity, protection against static electricity, etc.

Web power “Yuki” Yukuma through a crowdfunding Indiegogo for $ 49 only (about 900 EGP).

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