Yunmi 450L – smart refrigerator from Xiaomi

Company Xiaomi wants to make a refrigerator the focal point of the house. New smart refrigerator 450L Yunmi can perform not only their basic functions but also act as a control center for IoT gadgets.

Yunmi 450L is a two-door refrigerator with a capacity of 450 litres. Its dimensions – 1780×636×836 mm. Inside the device uses led illumination and the user can separately adjust the temperature for each cooling chamber.

In one of the doors and built a 21-inch IPS screen. With it you can control yourself refrigerator and other smart devices of smart home. A refrigerator can be controlled via the app or through voice commands.

Xiaomi Yunmi 450L will go on sale August 15. The cost in China is $902. Information about the availability of refrigerator in the global market yet.

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