Zcash for preparing for the hard forks Sapling. Now transaction the coins will be private for all

The main advantage of zcash for — secure transaction. Ironically they are also the main drawback of cryptocurrencies. To provide the necessary zcash for operation require relatively many resources, which are not even some exchanges. Recently the developers of the project announced a fix this misunderstanding. Now processing each transaction will consume 100 times less resources.

As zcash for captures the stock market

Zcash for considered one of the biggest breakthroughs in the industry. To ensure the privacy and security of transfers of coins programmers have developed a unique Protocol is ZK-SNARKs, which I liked even to acne Buterin. However, for anonymity have to pay a tremendous waste of resources.

According to Coindesk, pay long. The developers zcash for Company promised to improve the Protocol in the future hard forks Sapling, which should activate on October 29. The details of the updates said technical Director Nathan Wilcox.

The Sapling will reduce the memory consumption with secure transaction 100 times. The update will also make the translation in the network of cryptocurrency six times faster.

Recall that in the current situation to initiate a secure transaction can only operators of full nodes. With the help of a Sapling, the developers expect to make email privacy accessible to everyone.

We hope to switch completely to the Sapling. When the time comes, zcash for will be completely anonymous.

While Wilcox said that without Sapling zcash for at the moment is too “inefficient and cumbersome”. The head of the project relies on the right support lightweight clients, cryptocurrency, so absolutely everyone can use private transactions.

Our goal is to create a wallet, which will be anonymous, even from the zcash for Company.

However, some cryptoanalysis suspect one problem. To take advantage of all updates Sapling, users will need to transfer all your funds from the old client version to the new one. As a result, will suffer their anonymity, because they will reveal the number of their coins.

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In response, Wilcox stated that this procedure was initiated not by accident. So in zcash for Company hope to conduct a process audit initiate to Sprout, which took place in 2016.


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