Zen allows to book hotels around the world from their location Zain Booking


Zain has launched its website Zainbooking website dedicated to make hotel reservations at any place around the world, for all of its clients the owners of the billing lines and the lines pre-paid, whether they are subscribers of the phone lines or the Internet, by entering location www.zainbooking.jo who offers the best prices and offers for hotel rooms compared to the best booking sites, global and well-known.

Will be able to subscribers the Zen of making their bookings of hotel, anywhere in the world, via a site visit and the introduction of mobile number, or subscription number Internet, then choose the desired destination, determining the time period of the market, to get the best rates for the device, with the possibility to compare prices offered and available, besides the review and the views of previous guests of the hotel, offer hotel and view its features, as the subscribers will receive a free pass to the cabin of Zain VIP (Zain VIP lounge) at the Queen Alia International Airport.

The move is a continuation of the approach of Zen in the launch and provision of integrated services to its subscribers and ways to get them without bothering with the least period of time possible, coupled with the importance that it attaches applique to its customers and giving them value-added services to guarantee their excellence.

Recall that the zine was dedicated lounge for its customers in the passenger terminal of the new airport Queen Alia International, through its exclusive services and the opportunity to take advantage of the VIP service, as has recently been the opening of an office of civil status and passports in the gallery kitchen, Queen Alia International Airport

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