ZTE company will come with more smart phones folding


The company ZTE issued ZTE’s handset Axon M in the last year, a device that was a smartphone retractable technically, but it is not a smart phone rollaway dream. Thus, it is not surprising to see the turnout on this phone is somewhat limited. However, the company ZTE of being committed to the idea, and will expand the series of its smart phones folding in the future.

Deputy Head of marketing department at ZTE Corporation, Mr. Jeff Yee during an interview at CES CES 2018, which have been item recently. The official added the executive in the Chinese company that the phone ZTE Axon M has received positive feedback from those who bought the device, but he confessed also that there is considerable room for improvement.

Mr. Jeff Yee : ” will we eventually get to something-bendable really. There are a lot of other things that we may add them with the passage of time “. Overall, watch the full interview, head to the source link below.



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