ZTE confirms its plans to launch a smartphone compatible with the 5G networks in the first half of this year


Usually the ZTE Corporation of China, which was on the brink of bankruptcy to the game. Announced these recent ambitious plans for the year 2019, including the launch of a smart phone compatible with the 5G, as well as smartphones, new ones will be part of the peace two ZTE Axon Series and the ZTE Blade Series.

Phone ZTE compatible with the 5G will be released in the first half of this year to strengthen the company’s sales in the second half of this year. Completed company ZTE already has many of taking her exams for networks of the fifth generation 5G, including calls and surf the internet and send messages through chat applications such as WeChat. Have passed the police all the tests successfully and received the green light from Chinese authorities to further develop 5G technology.

New flagship phone company ZTE will probably be part of a series ZTE Axon Series a succession of phone ZTE Axon 9 Pro announced by company in IFA 2018, which was held in September of last year in the capital, Berlin. Thanks to the powerful processor that will be used in this phone, we expect to see the arrival of the features of artificial intelligence, improve the performance of applications virtual reality and augmented reality with this device.


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