ZTE describes the decision of the U.S. embargo as ” unfair“, and to fight it

ZTE Company

As you have probably heard, I found ZTE Corporation itself recently the center of some trouble with the US government where she’s been accused of going around the U.S. sanctions imposed on Iran in the year 2016 so that it was said they sold the technology from the United States to Iran under the cover of many companies.

As a result, the prevention of ZTE Corporation from the purchase of products of American companies, such as Qualcomm, which are certainly a big blow to him so that Qualcomm is probably the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world. It is not surprising that the company ZTE is unhappy about this and described this ban as ” unfair“, and announced its plans to fight it.

In an official statement , said ZTE Corporation, said : ” until the completion of the relevant investigations, insist the Bureau of Industry and security U.S. Department of Commerce to impose more severe penalties on the company. That’s not fair at all to buy ZTE and we can’t accept it “. She explained ZTE Corporation also reported that it had prepared the reports themselves from abuses, but they hired a company to conduct an investigation on allegations of violated sanctions.

Explained company ZTE, further, that the Department of Commerce ignored the fact that the company spent up to US $ 50 million to comply with U.S. export control laws. This is a blow to the company because recent reports have indicated that it could not affect the purchase of ZTE Corporation processors from Qualcomm, but it may affect also to the license granted to the company by the company Google to use Android in its devices.


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