ZTE patent for a folding

Join ZTE for many of the phone manufacturers that develop devices folding that apply during the year 2019, where the already registered patent for your foldable at the beginning of this year.


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New design for phones collapsible offers from the company ZTE, however, this design differs from what was presented from Huawei or LG, which comes with two screens relate to the comma.

This is the design for what was presented from ZTE in هاتفAxon M, but it largely preserves the design that made the Samsung phone its folding, where you can extend the screen in the front, it also has full device control double at the rear, with a sensor footprint in one of the side external phone, to the side of the external screen is also in the second.

Also when you open the device’s screen fully working in tablet mode, however, ZTE did not reveal the size of the screens in the file of the patent that has been registered, but is scheduled to be the size of a tablet twice the size of the screen of the external device.

How is this different design from what Samsung made, where it comes with exterior and interior the same height when the folding device, has been patented this design by ZTE in the 27 of the month of February of the year 2018.

Recall that the company ZTE was ranked fourth place among phone manufacturers during the first quarter of 2018 in the United States, but that ban has recently led to the introduction of Motorola in the second and third quarter of 2018.


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