ZTE won’t be able to use the processors for Snapdragon in smartphones anymore


ZTE is one of the many companies specialized in the manufacture of smart phones that rely on Qualcomm’s processors in its smart phones, and do so for a very long time. However, the ban was imposed again on these Chinese companies by the US Department of Commerce making it impossible for ZTE to you by import processors from Qualcomm and other components from American companies. The ban was imposed on the Chinese company for seven years due to violated terms of the issue of violation of the sanctions imposed on Iran, according to U.S. officials.

The conviction of ZTE Corporation to go around U.S. sanctions on Iran in 2016. Although they are a Chinese company, it turns out that the ZTE company sells technology from the United States to Iran through multiple companies. Warned the Ministry of Commerce of the possibility of preventing the company ZTE from importing the components used in its devices from us Companies, and avoid it by paying $ 890 million dollars as fines and penalties.

As promised in four of the senior staff in the company’s scolding and 35 others as part of the agreement, but the company ZTE admitted in March that while the officials of the Big Four in the East, they did not reprimand others. Quotes news agency Reuters quoted one senior official as saying that ” the company provided information to us confirming basically that they made these false representations “.

Ministry of Commerce announced today that all of the companies located in the United States are no longer able to sell the ingredients to buy ZTE because of the violation of the latter to buy the issue of sanctions imposed on Iran. This means that, among other things, is no longer the company can ZTE buy a processor Snapdragon from Qualcomm, and this is something which would be a painful blow to the future plans of the company.



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