Zuckerberg confirms the repair Facebook may take more than a year

Company passed Facebook a lot of the failures in the recent period, which was from hacking into the data of the users in a scandal Cambridge Analytica, and in the statements of the CEO and founder of Facebook last confirmed that the reform of the network of the Facebook social fully may take more than a year.

Confirmed Mark Zuckerberg in his recent statements that the company Facebook is working harder to implement reforms that provide protect and secure the largest data users.

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As noted by the CEO that the company could already implement some of the reforms between the years 2016 to 2017, however, some of the major problems in the company require more time order to fix it completely, which comes in the head, letters, abusive or cause harm to, or the use of the accounts of Facebook in the election.

The company has already started removing accounts Facebook false to fix the problem of interference in the election, where it was removed millions of accounts already of the social network, and to implement that, I started a social network to communicate with users and governments around the world.

On the other hand confirmed Zuckerberg that the company now used the technique of artificial intelligence to monitor the accounts harmful to the social network, is also working to identify the accounts that offer the news source reliable for highlighting for users, also in the case of the inability of the technique of artificial intelligence for determining the reliability of the content, the work of the committee competent of Facebook to review the content to confirm the credibility of the posts and the absence of any harmful content or incites violence, terrorism, for example.


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