Zuckerberg prohibited employees from Facebook to use your iPhone

CEO of Facebook mark Zuckerberg ordered that all the management of the company abandoned the iPhone in favor of smartphones running Android for work. It is reported by The New York Times, citing informed sources. According to the newspaper, the businessman could make this decision in retaliation, Tim cook, who did not hesitate to accuse Facebook of improper regard for the data of its users.

“We have been encouraging our employees and Board members to use Android because it is the most popular operating system in the world,” said Zuckerberg in response to the question The New York Times.

Dispute cook and Zuckerberg

Dissatisfaction Zuckerberg could be deduced from the interview in which Apple CEO publicly declared that I would never have allowed the leak of user data, as did Facebook. “I would never put myself in his [Zuckerberg’s] place,” said cook during the conversation with the correspondent Recode.

Phrase made by Tim cook, Zuckerberg definitely touched a nerve, believe the journalists of the New York Times. So the founder of Facebook decided not to stay in debt and stated that cook is behaving too smartly, to justify total control over their users a beautiful expression of the protection. But the worst, Zuckerberg said that everything went very far, having found signs of Stockholm syndrome.

Why it companies choose Android

But correspondence altercation that happened between two top managers, it is unlikely 100% can explain the reason for forcing employees Facebook from iPhone to Android. But the experience of competing companies can. For example, earlier in the same way did Snap, the owner of the social network Snapchat. Its decision the company’s executives explained that using iOS on a regular basis, the developers forget about the existence of Android, resulting in versions of the same application for different platforms are obtained radically different and even different available feature set. Maybe Zuckerberg pursued the same goal?

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