Zuckerberg reflected on Hughes: the dismantling of Facebook won’t work.

Rejected Mark Zuckerberg – CEO of Facebook – a strongly growing calls by the organizers to dismantle the largest company for the social world, arguing that the size of Facebook allows it to invest billions of dollars in security and safety every year.

Came permit Zuckerberg outs to dismantle Facebook in an interview with TV channel “France 2” in French, as a response to a question concerning an article written by one of the founders of Facebook (Chris Hughes), said that Zuckerberg has acquired the force of “unprecedented and non-American”.

And it wasn’t Hughes alone in his call for the dismantling of Facebook – which has issued a quick statement rejecting those invitations – they are joined by a number of American politicians. Some called for American lawmakers to take action to dismantle the company has significant technical, as well as Fertility Regulation the federal.

And Facebook for scrutiny by regulators around the world; due to their practice wrong in the participation of data users, in addition to the spread of hate speech and misinformation on their networks.

Wrote Hughes – who was one of the classmates of Mark Zuckerberg in college – in an opinion of a lengthy New York Times: “We are a nation with a history of curbing needs, so no matter how well the intention of the leaders of these companies. The power of brands is unsurpassed, and other American”.

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Zuckerberg said channel France 2 in an interview during the first visit to France: “my reaction is that the proposed (Hughes) won’t work.”. It also argued that the size of Facebook is actually beneficial to the users and the security of democracy.

Zuckerberg said: “if what you care about is Democracy, Elections, you need a company like us is investing billions of dollars annually in the construction of sophisticated tools and the right against interference in elections”.

Zuckerberg added: “the budget allocated for security for the current year is greater than the total revenues of the company when we launched the IPO earlier in the decade.” He continued: “many attributed it to that we managed to build a successful business that can now support it.”

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